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Focusscreen – a practical and flexible divider


No copied answers

No copied answers

A focusscreen screens off a selected part of the pupil’s field of vision. It is easy for the teacher to adjust the placement of the screen to see how the learner is working. Focusscreens are particularly useful for test writing in classrooms where pupils sit close together. Read more…

Flexible learning environment

Flexible learning environment

All schools do not have access to group rooms and many educational situations require some pupils to work individually. Use Focusscreens to give learners a space of their own in the classroom. Combine screens to build different types and sizes of spaces. Read more…

Light, adabtable, and durable

Light, adabtable, and durable

The Focusscreens are easily folded and wrapped up into small, lightweight packages. This makes them easy to store and easy to bring to different classrooms. Our screens are made of plastic and withstand rough treatment, and coffee spills. Read more…

We bought a few bundles which were tested by the teachers during this school year. Everyone is positive. There is no need any longer to roll some heavy cart with heavy traditional metal or plywood screens. Concerns about stability existed, but it has worked really well. The screens stay put. We plan to buy more.

Luleå Gymnasieskola


  • Original Lilla paketet

    1,335kr exkl moms
  • Focusscreen XL Lilla paketet

    XL Lilla paketet

    1,485kr exkl moms
  • Focusscreen XL mellanpaketet

    XL Mellanpaketet

    4,230kr exkl moms

The pupils like them. The screens have better quality and feel much more professional than our previous ones. These screens divide our pupils for real.

Thomas Karlsson

Teacher, Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium


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