What our customers think


Even though we have used these screens for a few years now, it was not until the spring of 2014 that we decided to offer it to other schools. Later, during autumn of that same year, we launched the product here on www.focusscreen.se.

Now, in February 2015, it is time to replenish our stock, this time with twice as many screens in order to meet demand. We have received orders from schools for all stages and from all over Sweden; from Kävlinge in the south to Luleå in the north. We think that is great!

What is even greater is the feedback we get from teachers who have used our screens. Below is a selection.



We use them on our head table for students who find it stressful when others are looking. When we screen off, the pupil can focus on their own work without being distracted or feeling watched by other pupils, but I can still see what is going on. We have used them in experiments when two or more groups need to work on their own without seeing the other groups results. I also have students who set up a screen on their desks to get better work focus.

I definitely think they lived up to expectations. I thought they would easily fall over, but they don’t. I think they make a difference and I see it as a cheaper and more convenient alternative to larger floor screens, although they also may be needed sometimes. I think they are very flexible because they are easy to set up when needed.

Johanna Corin Ekeberg, teacher at Kullsvedsskolan


I use Focusscreens at various educational situations. The screen comes best in handy during written tests when I have many pupils in the classroom. The screen also works excellently for students who need or want to work in peace in general.

The size of the screen gives the student the support it needs while I, as a teacher, can still communicate with students without difficulties. The Focusscreen is a great tool and undoubtedly contributes to an effective classroom.

Simon Jonsson, teacher, year 4, Byleskolan


 On several occasions, I have had the opportunity to use these Focusscreens. It truly helps to quickly and easily set up these adaptable dividers. Previously, I used larger picture books or magazine collectors to shield students from each other.

The screens are easy to keep in the classroom and they do not take up any space. Students experience their privacy as positive and peaceful. I can really recommend Focusscreens to classrooms for all ages!

Birgitta Rossander, teacher, year 1, Byleskolan